Hatice Ishil B.

The Sword Of Aether

The world is at war. The two dominant races of the world struggle to survive, while a third remains shrouded in secret.

The proud Kollek people fight the mystical Koartiz for the key that will end all conflict—the Holy Manuscripts that will reveal the all-powerful being known as the Sword of Aether. In this brutal world of betrayals, conspiracies and greed, three people fight to accomplish their goals.

Kade, stuck with a mysterious old man, a cunning huntress with her own secrets and a group of unreliable soldiers, makes his way through perilous lands for the capital of the Kollek kingdom, hoping to find his long-lost brother and save his family from a deadly illness before it’s too late.

Odmund, the Champion of the Kollek and one of the most powerful Chosen, struggles against a sinister plot brewing at the very heart of the great capital.

Meanwhile, Ifir, the deadly Spymaster of the Kollek kingdom and secret lover of the High King, schemes behind closed curtains against her enemies, slithering silently through the intricacies of court life while nurturing a consuming desire of her own, which she’ll stop at nothing to achieve.

Their stories intertwine in a Grimdark tale of hope, love and betrayal—blood, magic and deceit, where no one is quite who they seem, and where the fate of their very world may ultimately hang in the balance.