Hatice Ishil B.

Hatice Ishil is a translator and mother of twins. She has spent the past decade studying philosophy and now holds degrees in the field, working especially in the philosophy of politics and existentialism. Watching her children grow up has inspired her interest in human nature, perception, and learning systems.

As passionate traveler and natüre lover, her Works are influenced by the different locations she travels to and the cultures she encounters, as much as the nature she lives in. Her love to nature leads her living in a farm outskirts of a village with her family and beloved animals. In her spare times she is mostly interested in astronomy and astrology. Her telescope is her mate in late hours of nights with clear sky.

All these make her wonder more about the reality beyond perception and authority of mind, created by social norms. She loves sipping her coffee while reading all kind of philosophy books or Joe Abercrombie, Ursula K Le Guin, Brandon Sanderson.