Hatice Ishil B.

Balance Of The 12

The universe was created by 12 energies which turned into the 12 races on earth. Eleven of these races live in secret among mankind, coexisting in precarious harmony and dependent on the Balance between them to keep the universe alive. If one race falls, the universe falls.

With war at the door, a domino effect of events is about to begin that could bring about universal annihilation. Only Jane, a Reader, and Samuel, a human, have the power to save the threatened races and protect the Balance. Unsure of each other and what lies ahead, they have one chance to learn about the true nature of the 12 races. One chance to witness the last Great War of the 12 races. But what they uncover reveals more than they ever believed possible.

Brought together by the Balance, Jane and Samuel must choose to follow the legacy left to them, or watch as the 12 races erupt in a war that will destroy them all.


We light the night
We are bright
None of the races can catch us
Hikars are always up for fight
Hikar Race
One breast is enough to feed One breast is enough to lead Once an arrow leaves its arc A Baresm is destined to do the right
Baresm Race
The herd finds the Kree If it’s meant to live Only with them can it be free As no other creature can ever be
Kree Race
Here and there, Dvays are everywhere No fear we feel, no sadness we tear Pure energy flows among dimensions So they call us reptilian
Dvay Race
Honor and war, sharp like the tor The legends in days of yore Raise your hand Olym and touch the sky With one step you can still make the World cry
Olym Race
Smart and fast Question everything the others suggest Never obey the rules Freedom is the only zest.
Human Race
We are the balance keepers Hidden in snowy lands Welcome to our fairy land. The temple has set you free So friends you must be No time for sorrow, we look to tomorrow Keepers, keepers, keepers, We are the balance keepers Let our lotuses comfort thee.
Zaend Race
Through the tunnels, rumors run Ilih hear every vow said to be done By our wisdom, you’ll be stunned Every answer you seek is in our pun
Ilih Race
Decoding molecules reveals the secrets This is the Reader’s uniqueness No matter if it is in the past or future On any ground they can witness
Readers Race
Jatuk are against them all We are small Yet hateful enough to destroy Nothing can give us joy, More than making other races crawl
Jatuk Race
In water or on land we breathe The perfect ability we have, indeed Our World is just like Lethe Once you are in, other things disappear.
Thae Race
Under the deserts we found the life Dangerous and slow, scorpion style Once the wind blows the horn We won’t be the one who is torn
Tholen Race



Beverly Hills International Book Awards Finalist 2019


Balance of the 12 by Ania is a bold and original fantasy that makes a great treat for fans of the genre. The balance between the twelve races and peace has been preserved over the centuries, thanks to the bravery of a Reader and human Protector, who eons ago defeated a very powerful enemy. It came at a very high price. Now, a terrible threat to that balance looms ahead, and only two people can stop it -- or can they? A human called Samuel and Jane, a Reader, are the only ones gifted with special qualities to stop the impending war. With the unique chance to see back through time into how the last Visionary Reader and human Protector were able to defeat the evil, Samuel and Jane are confounded by what they discover. Can they find enough trust and faith in themselves to withstand what lies ahead? The stakes are monumental.

This story is highly imaginative and deals with the proverbial conflict between good and evil from an original, unique perspective. I love to read about small heroes entrusted with impossible tasks, and Samuel and Jane are such heroes. This author imagines a conflict that is huge and succeeds in building it through the narrative, allowing its momentum to define the entertaining nature of the story. The action is plentiful, the emotions rising with the fear of what could happen to the races. The setting is an imaginary world filled with different races, a world that is similar to ours, and that is about to be fragmented by war. In exquisite prose and a compelling voice, Ania tells a gripping story in Balance of the 12.'

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